All-season bike shelter

Gaspé is an all-season bike shelter developped for the Plateau Mont-Royal, which offers the Montreal’s cycling community a large capacity all-season bike station. Composed of nine (9) modules, each for 12 bikes, this shelter provides in total parking space for 108 bicycles. The structure has been specifically designed for the avenue de Gaspé of Montreal, a former industrial area, today occupied by artist and design studios. The district is known for its highly concentrated cycling population, which likes to use the bike even during harsh winter months. The urban and utilitarian design and its transparent structure will not obstruct the already scares daylight. The perforated recycled rubber base panels are level with the sidewalk for easy access and the tilted roof will quickly evacuate water and melting snow and keep side walk accessible. A high-performance glass concrete, which is more resilient against impact, frost, and graffiti than the classic one, will be used to mold the concrete dividers on which the bike supports, the structure itself, and the glass panels will be mounted. The proposed industrial form language will fit harmoniously in its dedicated urban environment. The remouvable glass panels can serve as a canvas for the local artists.

Design: GRAD, Jean-François Caron, advisor: Prof. Tatjana Leblanc 
Collaboration: Maureen Wilhelm-Blanc, Arrondissement Plateau Mont-Royal