From construction barriers to street furniture

DIVID is a versatile street furniture support system that uses dividers made from Ultra-high-performance glass concrete as base elements to structure and define urban spaces. The ultra-high performance glass concrete is more resilient and offers interesting physical properties: smoother and less porous surfaces, stronger resistance to impact, frost and graffiti. The glass particles substitute about 30% of the cement, thus making the dividers less heat absorbent and eco-friendly. DIVID can serve different purposes: demarcate construction sites, delineate and identify event sites, control crowds, or separate and secure bike paths and above all support a variety of urban furniture.

The dividers can be equipped with a lighting system, powered by integrated transparent photovoltaic solar cells that are part of each fixture. The lighting system provides a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists and increases the visibility of the barriers during evening hours, especially during fall and winter season. DIVID has been designed to support street furniture and other temporary elements such as signs and artwork. The system is composed of concrete dividers as a support module that holds fences and specifically designed accessories such as seats, benches, trash containers, plant boxes, or signage. The system has the potential to evolve and support other features.

The proposed seating elements are made of translucent roto-molded plastic that can be retro-lit in order to enhance the ambiance and animate the streets where needed. All accessories can be securely attached to the concrete dividers in a temporary or permanent fashion. The rubber sole and its integrated adjustable feet help level the concrete dividers and protect surfaces during transport and installation. Made from recycled rubber, the synthetic polymer base has the potential to reduce noise or limit vibration transfer, a feature especially appreciated around construction sites. The overall form language gives DIVID a simple and utilitarian look, which can be nevertheless ‘dressed up’ and personalized.

The design details of DIVID make a subtle reference to traffic cones, giving the concrete dividers a memorable look, especially significant for Montreal, a city known for its perpetual construction activities and numerous festivals.

DIVID concept has received the prestigious design award RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2016, category "Best of the best”.

Design team: Prof. T. Leblanc (professor-researcher) , Y. Turcotte (research associate), C. Bertrand-Gauthier (research assistant)